Monday, June 26, 2006

Truck Maintenance

Here's John & Alex working on my truck. After an oil change they're rotating the tires, getting it ready for our trip to pennington gap, VA.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

A day at the Barefoots pool

The barefoots went out of town and gave Lisa the key to their house and told her she could use the pool. It was a nice hot day but the pool was cold as you can see on Dianes face.

There' s Danny flipping the girls, if you look at the left of the picture it's Michael running to help Danny.

Check out Danny with a tube on his behind, leave him alone he's just being Danny.
Amanda has a nice brother here he is walking her around the pool, while she sits back and relaxes.
Here's most of the gang in the pool, I had to get out my skin was already burnt, we're all gonna pay tonight for a fun day in the sun.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More pictures of graduation party

I finally got ahold of some pictures of Chelsea at her graduation party, acting silly.
Chelsea with her cousin Jackie.
Chelsea enjoying strawberries dipped in chocolate from the fountian.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chelsea's graduation party

Party time has finally got here, notice that all the men are setting around doing nothing. There are no women in this picture, that's because we are all working trying to get everything put out before the guests arrive.

Chelsea's cake. This is the only picture I got of Chelsea, every time I tried to get her picture she would walk away and I got her behind side.

Here I am with a dear friend Marcia, I met in one of my college classes, we've keep in touch and it's like I've known her forever.

Here's the dinner line it stretched across the dance floor. We had some good food, fried chicken, bbq ribs, pasta, fresh corn and beans and we also had some mexican.

Here's John digging into the ribs.

John's sister Sandy and their cousin John.

John's mother Rusty with her sister Ruthann and her husband John, enjoying the Ribs and Pasta.

Left is John's uncle Kenny, John's brother David and his wife Becky.

John's aunt Mary and daughter Debbie along with her 2 kids, I think they're getting tired waiting for food, I was running a little behind.

Lisa's giving me a look that says don't take my picture. She's setting with a really sweet couple from her church, Wayne & Lisa Barefoot.

The D.J is out on the dance floor teaching them to do the hussle, notice in the back is Danny, Jessica got him onto the dance floor, I'm suprised. I tried to get him to dance with me but he refused. That's ok I probably wouldn't have danced anyway, (you look good out there Danny)

Vanessa and Alex on the dance floor, Alex insisted all week before the party that he wasn't going to dance, guess he had a change of heart.

Here's Johns mom (green shirt) on the dance floor with 2 of her sisters, Mary Jo and Ruthann (grey outfit)

Here's Diane Curt Danny and Amanda, waiting for food.

Kenny & Karen Jacobs Youth directors from Lisa and Chelseas church (also related to lisa). Pastor Grubbs and his wife. Below left is Ron Pemberton & Pastor Bennett from our church all enjoying their food.

John's sister made Alex a cake, and sung happy birthday to him in the middle of the dance floor.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Party on the last day

Thursday is the last day of school and it's a 1/2 day, so all the parties were held today. The theme Mrs. Gonzales went with was Hawaiian. She started the party with dancing; the kids did the chicken dance, the hokey pokey and the limbo, they also played musical chairs. He's a bit shy and I'm surprised he jumped up and joined into the dancing.

After all the dancing it's time to relax and enjoy the pizza and punch, and all the other goodies the parents brought.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Priscilla Grad Party

My best friend Angie's daughter graduated this year also. We haven't seen very much in the last 10 yrs.
Joe & Angie P.J (graduate) and Joey. It was good to see the whole gang. I got everyones picture except Angies brother Bryan.

Angies parents Betty & Garland, P.J. and Matt

Here's some more of the family Angie Sister Kelly and Brother Andrew. Alyson holding Emily (Matts wife)
Angies sister Kelly and her son John

Angie & her brother Robbie

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I thought I'd show you another member of our family, our dog Misty. She will be 10yrs old in Sept, we've had her since she was a puppy. This girl is John's baby, she cries for him when he leaves, and is so happy when he returns. Now with me this dog has an attidute, the other day she would't acknowledge me, I tried and tried to get her attention she turned her back on me and stuck her nose in the air ( don't know what I did to her).

Thursday, June 08, 2006

After Graduation

With graduation behind her she chooses to relax and soak up some sun.


The graduating class walking in and getting ready for the Ceremony.
seated and ready to get started

Chelsea getting her Diploma.
It's over with and she's walking out the door

I guess I had to get into the picture sooner or later.
Mom & Dad with Chelsea

Here's John with his mom and Dad. Chelsea with Grandma & Grandpa Poole.

She gets a graduation kiss from her brother.

It's over with, looks like she's happy