Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Our weekend started off with a basketball game on saturday morning. This isn't a good picture because I didn't know he was going to be one of the guys to do the jump ball. I was in a hurry to get my camera out and they wasn't waiting on me.

This is just a picture of my lilac bush. It's just starting to bloom and I think it smells so beautiful, I even put some in a vase in my kitchen.
Alex and John got out and was hitting some balls, I got a souvenir in the side of my truck.
Alex spent the time riding his bike, green machine and scooter, then his bike got a nail in the tire so now we have to get that fixed. I think I need to get him a new bike, I got this bike last summer and he was a little short for it, he was holding it up with his tip toes. Now the bike is too small his knees are almost touching the handlebars. That's how much he has grown since last year.
Overall our weekend hasn't been much but relaxing at home, just like the dog. Doesn't she look comfortable in her hole, our poor old dog she's going to be 11yrs this fall. I guess there's nothing much more she can do but lay around. We ended the weekend with a bbq, John barbarqued ribs. Looks like Alex really enjoyed them or at least his face enjoyed it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



News about Mom & Perky

Linda called and talked to mom last night, and the test results for Perky came back normal. Linda also said that Perky is looking tired, they're just worried about what's going to happen next. She also said Francis isn't helping much, Linda will mention Garys name. I'm not sure but Francis may be going through something over Gary.
Now about Mom she went to the Dr. today and had an E.K.G and Ultrasound then she goes on monday and has a stress test. Maybe in the next couple weeks she'll have her surgery.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mom's Problem

Last week mom went to get an x-ray on her shoulder, then she went for an MRI on her shoulder. They found that she has 2 tendons in her shoulder that are tore apart, the 2 main tendons. Now she has to go for outpatient surgery to get them fixed, then she wont be able to move furniture pull or push for about 6 weeks. She will find out next week when they'll do surgery.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spring Concert

Wednesday was the schools spring concert. Which means that there isn't much time left until schools out. This year the theme was Broadway, each class did a broadway song there was even a spotlight. Alex's class did the sound of music, one of the boys did a lip sync and when he was done he had a couple flowers he threw out into the audience. A co-worker did all the decorating, she drew the pictures on that are hanging up. Between her and her brother they are excellent artist.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Re: Perky

I called and talked to Linda today so I could find out how Perky was doing. I guess they thought she had a stroke but they're not sure now. The Doctor's are saying that her signs and symptoms don't fit that of a stroke. Perky can't talk and I think she doesn't have any control. Her food has to be pureed: she's down to 117 lbs.
The speech therapist is sending her to a neurologist. On Monday they drew spinal fluid and they're running test on that. She has had ultrasound, MRI and blood test. She has also had needles put in her arm and shock waves sent into it, everything was ok. When they put the needles into her face and chin there was no reaction. Her thyroid test came back ok.
The Doctors are waiting for all the results to come back and if they come back ok, they are going to send her to the mayo clinic to see if they could find out what's going on. Linda will update us sometime next week.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Here's what I got for Mother's day. This hanging plant, which I put outside in the back yard. I'm afraid if I hang it on the front porch someone will come and steal it.

At Church Alex decorated this flower pot for me, and all the kids got flowers to put in it.

I've been laying around sleeping since I got home from Church. It's cold and raining and nothing much else to do.

Happy Mother's day to all Mothers.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Lake Erie Field Trip

Our field trip today was to Lake Erie Metropark. The park wasn't to far from the school. Only 1/2 hr away. Once we got there the classes were split up, our group went on the nature walk first. It was a cool 60 degrees but once we were done walking we were warm. Alex's teacher and some classmates at the end of the nature walk, sitting and taking a break.Inside the museum there was just a few things to see, in this picture the kids are in a house, it's supposed to be a replica of some animals house When it was our groups turn we went into a room and one of the guides gave info on turtles, frogs and snakes we have in michigan. After the museum tour we went to the picnic area, had lunch then played on the playground.
The picnic area was at the beach, and there were ships going by, it was cloudy this morn. After lunch the sun came out and it warmed up a little bit.
The play area was cute. They had little houses you could go into and steps that took you to the second floor. The kids liked that area the best, they were up and down and in all the houses.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Cinco de Mayo Parade

Today at school we were suppossed to have a parade. We usuallly march around about 10 city blocks and the children would be in their mexican attaire. Today we weren't able to march due to the rain. The children got to march anyway, they marched down the hallways of the school, on all 3 levels. It was one big school party, there were parents along the walls lined up taking pictures. Above is a picture of Alex's teacher on the right Mrs. Anderson. The lady on the left is the sweetest, kindest person you'll ever meet. Along with a great personality she has the coolest name, her name is Hae Jones (Hay Jones) she is part korean and was adopted by a family in the U.S.A. they kept part of her korean name. I just meat her this year and I feel like I've known her a long time, she just that kind of person down to earth, and she doesn't try to be somebody she's not.
Here's Alex's class with their signs, getting ready to start their march.

This is one of the other class marching from the 3rd floor down.
This is one of our kindergarten class. I snapped the picture because I liked the little boy with the mustache.
I got this shot of a fellow co-worker as she was marching with one of the classes.
Here's Tempi my twin sister (so everyone says) and beside her is her actual sister Tama. The 2 little kids are Tempi's grandkids, 2 of the girls are Tama's daughters. The girl in the red is a neice. I took this picture just because they were there. It was a busy day today I spent most of the school day running. Afterwards I went to Lisa's house to take some pictures of Becky in her prom dress.


Today is Becky's Prom night. We all went over and took pictures. This is Becky in her Prom dress. It was nice today except for the rain, but since it rained it's turning cool.
Here's Becky and Josh her date for the prom.
Jerry, Becky and Lisa
Jessica, Becky, Michael and Vanessa.

Mom and Dad with Becky.

Becky with both Grandma's.

We wanted to get both Grandpa's but Jerry's dad wouldn't get out of the truck.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Learning to Enhance

I'm learning to work on my pictures, to enhance them. I was actually able to come home and do it. It took awhile but I got it. I haven't tried what I learned in the first lesson, but I plan on trying it soon.