Monday, October 27, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Sunday nite my church had trunk or treat. It turned out really good they had so many kids there, if I'm not mistaken it looks as if there were more than last year.
This is Alex's costume this year, he didn't want me to paint his face, which is alright with me. I also had a costume, this is as close as dressing up as I'll get. I bought the ears at Disney World in January when we went to pick up Chelsea. I had alex to take my picture, he tried but with his bone gloves on he had a hard time.

I was a little chilly yesterday around 60 deg. They had a dunk tank and he got dunked alot, he said if the wind would stop blowing he'd be ok.

The Principal at school let me pass out flyers to all the children at school. I seen about six families from the school. This is Jesus he is a 2nd grader, I was glad to see him he is too funny. He comes running into the school every morning, and yells good morning Mrs. Poole. There are times he comes in acting silly, running in yelling Mrs. Poolee.

The Church owns 3 of these blow up things. This one is a slide you climb up and slide down, the others are jumping. They had 2 of them up Sunday.

Then it was time to go Trunk or Treating. You could go around as many times as you want until the end of the scheduled time or til the candy ran out.

The church had games with little prizes, this game is to shoot marshmallows out of the gun and knock down cups set in this board. Alex shot down one of the cups.

This is a rubber band gun, you had to shoot the bands through a hole in a board. The kids got prizes regardless if they won or not.

They had kid throwing balls into cups or holes in the board for prizes, and in the corner they had face or hand painting. We also had pizza juice and popcorn.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Detroit Lions

Today Alex got to meet 3 of the Detroit Lions players. Jessica took Alex to where she works, they were having some activities there along with 3 Lions players. Jessica snapped these pictures . I let alex get off school 2 hrs early so he could go with Jessica. If I was into football I would be able to tell you whose who, Alex knew the names of 2 of the players. I suppose if I did my research I could find out who they are.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nothing much exciting going on here. Besides working I've been canning tomatoes and peaches, and I've also put up some corn. It's been getting a little chili here, I've had to turn on the heat in the mornings. I've also had to pull out the hoodies. Although today it got pretty warm out and I heard it's supposed to warm up this weekend.