Thursday, October 07, 2010

My mom started going through some really odd spells. I came home for lunch monday it's was like she was passed out but mumbling something, I couldn't get her to respond. When I finally did she was still out of it but she was like choking on her tongue, she lost her teeth, she would drink water like she was a dog slurping the water like she's never had it. Then she'd go out again, then she would go through her heavy breathing, finally called ems they took her to hospital this attack went on for 45min. she finally stopped after getting to hospital but there she was confused not remembering nothing. She did it again wednesday night but not as bad, this time I got in on my camera video, to show the drs that it's not nothing we're not making it up. I don't want mom to know about the video it might make her upset.
During mondays adventure when trying to get mom to come to, mamaw tells me she only needs a blanket and tries to push me away, I told her no I need to get her awake she gets mad and hauls off and hits me twice, I feel sooo bad but I hit her back. Mamaw is becoming violent here lately, I understand she wants to be helpful, but we dont yell at her, we tell her nicely but she gets mad and violent, she has hit about 5 of us I know about. I still love her and give her hugs and kisses. Dad's having a hard time, I try to be there as much as I can to help but since I moved to Johns house it's making it really hard.