Thursday, November 27, 2008

To: Sandi From: Mamaw

Thanksgiving Day with Family

Mamaw coming for turkey dinner.
I didn't have my white balance fixed when I took these pictures, but I like them so I think I'll keep them anyway.

We had almost all the family with us today, except for Becky, Jerry, John and Chelsea. Even though you can see her in between, she didn't stay. We had alot of food and were very happy when we were able to eat.

We were so stuffed from dinner we had to wait extra time before we had desert. Dad was nice enough to let me get this picture of him without one of his faces. After this we went into the living room and was listening to Michael play his guitar. We got mamaw to sing for us, she sang amazing grace, some of when the saints go marching in. After mike left mamaw would join lisa as she randomly sang some christmas songs.

Mom just couldn't wait, she had to get her tree out and get it put up tonight. Lisa put it up and got the lights on and then sit down and let mom put the ornaments on.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

To all my family and friends, I hope that everyone has a happy and blessed thanksgiving day.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It Snowed

It snowed here on sunday, it started while we were in Church. It snowed all day but it didn't stick until it started getting late, and it only covered the grass, Mamaw said she wasn't going to Church because it was snowing to bad but when it came time to go she went. We are expecting more snow this week not sure how much.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

News about Perky

I talked to Linda today and she said that Perky is doing good. She has the feeding tube in and Linda said that she look alot better in her face she seems to be doing ok with it. She was suppossed to get her talking machine but the nurse said it wasn't charged so they will charge it and get it to her. Linda was telling me that she is gonna be a grandma again for the 4th time, Justin has 3 girls and this one is going to be a boy, the doctors will have to keep an eye on him because they found a knot and they're gonna have to watch it.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Blue Pigs

The Blue Pigs came to the school today(Police Officers that go to schools and perform) they've been around for 38 yrs. I remember them when I was attending school. They sang alot of motown songs. They had some of the teacher get up front and danced to My Girl.

The ones that wouldn't get up front and dance started dancing in the back.

A teacher and parent began dancing

They had a question and answer time. Before they started they picked 2 children to go up front and answer questions. Alex got chose, he answered all 3 questions correct and got a book on dinosaurs, inside it was signed by all the pigs in the group.