Saturday, April 28, 2007

Alex's 1st Basketball Game

I signed Alex up for classes at the YMCA, he's doing basketball, baseball, and swimming classes. Here he's having his first game. They just started classes monday and after 1 class they had their game today. Alex's team won by 2pts.

He did ok, but he's shy and not very outgoing, I'm hoping that maybe getting him involved in activities he'll overcome it. He doesn't really have anyone around here to play with.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Re: Mom

Mom got a call from the dr. office regarding one of the test she had done. They told her she has a fatty liver, and needs to go on a diet. They told her to go on a strict diabetics diet 1200 calorie, she also needs to walk 1/2 hr each day. Her and I have been doing that but since she's been sick she stopped walking with me, they also told her not to walk in the morning instead do it in the evening.

Happy Birthday

Happy 1St Birthday Cooper & CarsynI'm late they turned 1yr on April 26th

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Teddy Bear Factory

We on a class trip to the Chelsea Teddy Bear factory. They learned how the teddy bears were made and manufactured. They were also able to stuff their own bear or purchase one in the store. They also had outfits for the bears. This picture of Alex and me is in the store part, where they have a big stuffed teddy bear, they had the wall where the bear was painted so it would make a nicer picture.
Here's Alex's whole class in front of a big stuffed animal. After we learned how the bears were made, they got to stuff their own bear and buy it. They even got a certificate for their bear.

When the tour of the Teddy bear factory
was over, we went next door to the treehouse/playhouse where
we had lunch. The kids were able to
run and play for awhile and they
really enjoyed that.

After playing hard they were all ready to have a bite to eat. They got a slice of pizza, bag of chips and punch. After a quick lunch they were back in the playhouse.

I'm not sure what kind of look alex is giving me. It's either I'm not happy with you or I'm tired.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More on Mom

Mom had another drs. appt today this time it was to get an ultra-sound done. Then she goes to the outpatient hospital and gets a ct scan done on thursday. As far as I know this may be it for tests. Then the dr. discuss with her what options she has, and we'll find out what they're going to do about surgery. I'll keep you posted on any results I hear.

Mom got the results of some of her tests. Her blood sugar is 91 her Cholesterol? is 260 so he's putting her on medicane. She has had problems with other Chol. med but maybe the milligram was to high for her. He told her she needs to go on a diet. She is taking Thyoid pills and she needs to continue taking them. So maybe we can get her straightened up soon.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Update on Mom

Mom went to the thyoid dr. today, he told her that she has goiters with nodulars on the inside. He said that they're growing down. These are probably what's making her think she's going to have a heart attack. It's causing her the shortness of breath, he squeezed them together and asked her if she could breathe, and she couldn't. Which means she will need surgery to have them removed, if not it could continue growing and grow around her windpipe and choke her to death. Both docters will be working together, so we'll find out more later.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Twin Day

It was twin day at work friday. Since every one gets us confused anyway, we decided to be twins, we dressed the same and I even tried to wear my hair like her. Here is Alex and his twin and a few other kids in his classroom who were twins. Since Alex's name is John that's what they call him at school. It just so happens that his twin for the day is named John also.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Wedding

We attended a wedding this evening, one of John's cousins got married today. We made it to the hall before the bride and groom. It was such a nice day we sit outside for a little while waiting for people to arrive. While waiting I was able to get this picture of Chelsea & Alex with John's parents.
John's cousin Paul walked her down the isle. This wasn't a usual church wedding. Everything was done at the hall.

This is John's cousins daughter Tara and her new husband David. After 12yrs and 3 children they finall decide to get married.

Here's Alex enjoying his chicken leg. He must be growing, his appetite is picking up. Usually when we are out to eat he ends up with only 2 small items on his plate. Not today he had a little more although he only ate 1/2 it's better than 1/2 of what he usually gets.

Chelsea & Alex in a nicer moment. Not very many of those. She'll be moving home next week, Quite times are over.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

News on Mom

We finally got mom & dad to switch family doctors. Their old one wasn't a very good dr. he spent more time with the pill reps than his patients. Mom had an appointment today with the new dr. she's been having shortness of breath, weakness in her legs, and problems with goiters. First thing he did was take her off the blood pressure pills, and put her on another kind. Because she has reflux she shouldn't have been taking those pills. He also found out that there's something growing behind her heart. He's not sure yet if it has to do with an anursym or if it's a noduler growing. The goiters may not be goiters it may be nodulers. Because the thyroid pill should be shrinking them and it's not. She goes back on friday to have a stress test. Next week she will go to a new Thyroid Dr. The old one she was using was a big time quack, he would ask what are you here for today. The last time he laid across the bed and asked what can I do for you. I'm sure glad she got rid of him, I hope this new Dr. is as good as the family dr. and can find out what's going on. Let's keep her in our prayers. I know she is worried because in the past she has always brought up how her dad died of a massive heart attack, and now this doctor is doin tests on her heart.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Field Trip

We had a field trip today, I wasn't going but the teacher told me she didn't have any parents going, so I volunteered. We went to the historical museum. It showed us alot of history about Michigan, also about dinosaurs/fossels, and MI waterfowl which we didn't have time to see.

In the native american display of the museum, they had this canoe and vistors are allowed to get it. So almost the whole class got into it, only 2 aren't in the teacher and another student. If you look you can see Alex in the back on the right side.

I just had to get into the canoe.

This display is that of a dinosaur tooth, it's just one tooth, and it is the back molar.

As we were ending the tour of the museum, I had him stand in front of this display, I didn't read the sign but I think it is some type of tree and rocks.

This was the bus ride home.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still Sick

Alex went back to the Dr. today for a follow up visit. A couple weeks ago he had strep throat, scarlet fever and an ear infection. The ear infection must have really concerned them because they had us follow up. Results are: his throat is still red but no strep, his left ear is still red so they did a pressure test and found out he has no hearing in his left ear. Due to not blowing his nose and sniffling, it has backed up into his ear, so there's to much fluid in his ear. They need to clear up his sinuses, so his ear can drain.


Mom & Dad got home today after an unexpected visit to Pennington gap. Mom came back with some goodies for us, the best kind of goodies (not the ones that put on weight) but pictures. This little tyke is Jordans son Maddox, he's 8 months old in this picture.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Angel Skye

This morning I was in a hurry and only downloaded one picture. I thought the other picture was just one of those pictures passed around the internet. I looked at my e-mail again and found out that the beautiful little angel is Skye. This is such a great picture.

Pre-School Graduation

I got this picture from Joeyleigh today, just had to share. Little Skye is graduating from preschool. She will be heading onto kindergarten in the fall. In case you can't pick her out she is the third one from left on the bottom row. It sure doesn't seem possible that she's old enough to go to school.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

White Easter

Woke up this morning and had to clean the snow off the truck. On the way to church the roads were icy. It seems almost like Christmas instead of Easter.

At the church nursery Alex had all the little girls gathered at his feet. (or maybe it's because of the gummy worms.)

Alex all decked out in his new Easter suit.

He sure does love his sister, even though she's mean to him.

The only thing wrong with this picture is that I'm in it. I sure don't take a good picture.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Cold Easter Weekend

Our weather sure has turned off cold. We've also been having snow flurries for the past few days. It was snowing hard with big fat snowflakes. I went to go say goodbye to mom & dad before they head off to Virginia to be with Mamaw. This silly dog was just sitting there like she had no where to go to get out of the weather; her back was covered with snow, and she was still sitting there when I came back out. I couldn't resist getting her picture. I was able to get her picture without her turning away.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Indian Pow-Wow

Today Alex and I went to the Indian Pow-Wow, at the University of Michigan. When I was taking my college classes about cultures, we had to take trips to visit other cultures and the Pow-Wow was one of them. I enjoyed it and I've been back twice. This is Alex running up the steps to the stadium.
This was the opening group, they did a few song and dance numbers before the grand opening.

Out of respect they ask us not to take pictures of movies of the Grand entry. After the grand entry they had an intertribal dance. That's where all the tribes go to the field and dance and the audience can dance with them. I don't go down and dance, I just enjoy watching. I meet some friends there, if you can remember from previous post the Native American who came to school and did a hoop dance, him and his wife and kids were there. He danced in the Pow-Wow but I wasn't able to tell which one he was, when I seen them he wasn't in his native american outfit.