Thursday, September 28, 2006

Congratulations to Me

Before school started I filled out the application, and sumitted all paperwork thats required for my full time job. I want to stay at the school I'm at but I got a call from 2 different schools. When I told a teacher where one school was at, she said don't go there it's to deep in the hood and the kids are all hoods (she taught there before coming to Neinas). My boss was taking her time about getting things going, until a co-worker told her other schools were calling me. I gave her the numbers of the schools and it just so happened that the other school that called me was the school she came from. She called the principal and told her that she was keeping me at this school. So monday I will start my new job at my current school. And I am soooooo happy I've worked hard these years trying to get my education so I would qualify for the job, and with help from a few co-workers that keep pushing for me I finally made it.


I was awaken this morning about 1:30am with sirens blaring and lights flashing. The empty house next door (formerly known as the drug house) was on fire again. I was out of that bed like a bat out of hell; I'm running from the front door to the back door checking to make sure the fire didn't make it's was to my house. The houses here are so close, it's 8ft between my house and that one, which is on the side my bedrooms are on. Alex slept through the whole thing even with the phone ringing. Mom and Dad got woke up due to the dog barking like crazy, when they looked out the back window all they seen was smoke coming from the drug house. So far we've been lucky with the fires they haven't been that bad, I'm just afraid that one night the fire department wont get here on time.

This picture shows how close the house is to mine.

The fire damage here is on the other side of the house. Looking through the bottom window you can see the window on the other side of the house, which faces my house.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Finally the First day Comes

School was suppossed to start on Sept 5th, but due to the teachers being on strike school didn't start until today. I thought it may have been a long battle and the kids would be out for a long time. They only missed 7 days, which they will lose 2 days on Christmas vacation 1 day on Easter break, school will end on June 21st. I was worried that he wouldn't get the teacher I wanted him to have. The principal was changing teachers around and putting them in different grades so I was worried. I requested him to have Mrs Beavers-Looney, Chelsea had her and it's the only teacher she'll go and see. This teacher is very strick but an excellent teacher, the kids will know the material before they leave her class.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Moving in Day

College move in day for Wayne State University. Here's John, Alex & Chelsea after they went and checked in. Chelsea didn't wake up early enough so she didn't get her shower, wash her hair, or do her makeup. So when I tried to get her picture it's cover up face time.

Today I was up early loading the truck, getting Chelsea ready to move into her dorm. Here she is with all of her stuff piled on the bed, we also used the other bed before her roommate came. It was a good thing her roommate didn't come at the same time we did, it would have been a diaster moving both girls in at the same time with all their stuff. I did get to meet her roommate for a brief moment, she seems nice hope they can do good together.

John and Chelsea trying to get the computer and printer hooked up. They couldn't get the internet hooked up, John couldn't figure it out; one of the helpers at the campus couldn't figure it out, Just to let everyone know that I'm not as dumb as they think, I figured out why they couldn't get it hooked up. I just couldn't fix it it has to be done by one of the computer techs.