Thursday, August 31, 2006


Today we had a gathering to celebrate the 2 who will be having a birthday in September, Vanessa 15 & Michael 13. We decided to have something now instead of at their birthdates because if they get money they can buy some school clothes. Sitting on the stools are Alex, Becky & Ashley Vanessa & Michael are in the floor and of course Michael always hides his face when the camera comes out.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Names

The veiw out my back door is of an old garage with weed growing around. Just recently (in the past week) someone decided to write on it. Chelsea with her bright idea decided that her and Vanessa would be Lil Hoody & Lil Dizzle, and had to have their picture taken under their new names. Of course they couldn't just get a picture they had to dress the part and act the act. Leave it to Chelsea to come up with a crazy idea.


Today dad traded in his trailblazer for a 2006 chevy Impala. Just like everyone else the high cost of gas is causing people to buy more fuel efficient vehicles. Of course who had to run out there and jump into it, no one but Alex. He jumped into the passenger seat and buckled his seat belt and was ready to go for a ride.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Day With Dad

Alex has been wanting to go with his dad to where he cuts wood. Today he took him with him, he wasn't going to be there long because most of the morning it rained. So John, Alex and Misty (dog) went, John doesn't go anywhere without his dog. After cutting wood he let Alex go fishing and he caught 3 fish, but threw them back. These pictures were taken with John's cell phone. While John and Alex were gone Mom & I went out shopping, Mom had a coupon for fashion bug. She didn't find her anything so she gave me the coupon and of course I found something, I bought a shirt for $1.65 I love a good deal. After that mom and I had lunch and came home and enjoyed peace and quiet.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Her plane came in about 10pm last night, she had a good time of course, anytime away from home is good. Here's some pictures she shared with me so I can share with you. There's the 3 girls Jackie, Chelsea & Alyson on Johns pass.

Chelsea on the beach.

Alyson and Chelsea going parasailing.

Alyson, Chelsea & Jackie posing by the ocean.

The girls getting ready for a nice dinner at Leatherbacks.

Chelsea being silly and acting like she going to eat some goop found on the beach.

Jackie and Chelsea on the plane coming home.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


The before shot of Kristopher

Today I went to a Baptism, John's cousin/Godson Kris had his son baptisted today. About 20yrs ago when John & I were married this boy/man was the ring boy in our wedding (boy how time does fly) now he's married with 2 kids of his own.

This is Kris his wife Tiffany, their daughter Brooklyn (5yrs) and baby Kristopher (1yr).

Kristopher with his father Ken Poole, Kristophers mom Sandy and baby kristopher.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Guess who's 40

Today was Dianes birthday she turned the big40. We planned a family get together just to rub it in that she getting up there in age. She wasn't very happy with us, We got help from Danny & Curt to get her over to mom & dads house. The plan was they were taking her out to eat for her birthday, and were coming over to get mom & dad to go with them. Then SUPRISE! we had a banner hanging from the back porch with alot of number 40's hanging from it. You could tell by her face she wasn't very happy with us. I guess all our efforts were in vain.

She hid behind Amanda and wouldn't come out.

I like this one of mom, I don't know what kind of look shes giving me. We grilled burgers and dogs, and mom fixed a few side dishes. Since I couldn't get any pictures with Diane, here is Alex holding one of the over 40 balloons . Since Diane was upset with us and her attitude was pretty bad when she first came over. She said she didn't want her picture taken, although I did get her into a picture, I thought I should cut her out. I got a picture of her cake with all the old age gadgets on it. Mom and I went together and got her a really nice candle and flower centerpiece, and we attached a 40 sucks sucker. Lisa and her family got her a really funny dog. I looks like its digging, it will bark and stomp its back leg then it passes gas it means ya old fart.
When Diane took it home and showed her dog, and when the toy began stomping its leg their dog ran away.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Good news Bad news

Good news: While sitting outside with mom & dad, stringing beans; the drug house next door was raided. Bad news is that noone was home, they ended up with nothing. This is the second time it was raided and noone was home, I do believe that there is someone associated with the cops that tip them off. The house has been raided twice and fire bombed once but it's just a matter of a few days and they're up and operating again.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Chelsea and her cousin Jackie are leaving today and flying to Florida. This will be Chelseas first trip on an airplane. John's sister and neice are already there, Chelsea and Jackie will meet up with them. They will be there a week and all of them will come home on the 13th. Hope she has a great time.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

New baby

Welcome to the world Maddox Layne Fletcher Hounshell. This is Jordan & Kims baby boy borned July 28 2006. Looks just like his daddy
. I just couldn't leave these 2 cutie pies out. These 2 belong to my cousin Courtney, and are cousins to baby Maddox. The twins Carsyn Mae and Cooper Daniel were borned in april. My aunt Linda and uncle Jackie went from having no grandbabies to having 3 within a few months.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Toy

Alex got a new bike today, his other one was a little to small. I took him shopping and this is the one he choose. It's just been to hot and humid to ride it, it's just to hot to go into the pool, the water is just to warm to try and cool off. Today was spent mostly in the house where it's cool.

My cousin Jordans wife had a 5lb 8oz baby boy friday July 28th. Welcome Maddox Houndshell. Congratulations to Jordan & Kim.