Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday Nite at Bible School

The kids get to play for 1/2 hr before they start the service. In the gym they have these 3 blow up jump houses they love to jump in. Alex is waiting to get into one of them. This particular one has a slide when you go to get out.

They also have the big slide, he likes to climb up and roll down.

Inside the Church one of the games they played was toilet paper clean up. At the same time they shot off 2 rolls of toilet paper on each side. The first one to get it cleaned up is the winner. The boys almost won, they had to do it over because someone hid toilet paper. So the girls ended up winning.

Tonight's the last night of Bible school and if the weather holds up they are suppossed to have hot dogs. They are also going to have fire pits so the kids can make smores.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Alex made out pretty well tonight at Bible School. In the first picture it was a bible drill, the first one to find the correct book, chapter and verse got to go on stage. They read the verse and then got a prize off the table.
In this picture Alex got choose to play the buzzer game. Each child got a buzzer, the teacher asked a question with 4 possible answers. When he said go the first one buzzed in answers, Alex answered the most questions. This enabled him to go into the money machine.

Here are a couple pictures of Alex in the money machine. He got 10 seconds to grab as much as he could. He ended up with $5.
Towards the end of the night they shoot t-shirts out into the kids. Alex got a t-shirt tonight, which made him happy because that's what he was wanting to get.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Best News Ever!

I just have to shout it! ALEX GOT SAVED TONIGHT! Alex has been asking alot of questions the last few months, I guess tonight was the night it was meant to happen. Tonight was also the first night of Vacation Bible School, I couldn't get home from Church fast enough to tell my parents.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stormy Day

Today started out nice with warm temps, unlike the last few days where's it's been in the 60's. Around 2p.m. it started to rain, it rained pretty hard then it started to hail. You can see a little in the pool but not as good as you can see it on the trampoline. It rained so hard I couldn't see out my front window, and I had to use an umbrella to cook dinner (ha! ha!).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alex and Mamaw

Today is Mamaw and Alex's birthday. I want to wish them both a Happy Birthday! and let them know I love them both. I know this is an older picture but I thought it nice.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthdays

Today we had a party for everyone with a birthday in June, we included Danny even though his birthday is in July. I just had to include this picture of mom's surgery. She took her bandages off, her arm is still swelled but it doesn't seem like she's in any pain. Mom got a call from Perky today. She tried to sing happy birthday to mom, and when mom realized who it was being the emotional person she is she couldn't help but cry.

My Baby Girl is 20 years old today. Mom turned 68 years old today also.

Alex's birthday is on the 17th, we let him blow out candles and open his presents today. He will be turning 9.

Lisa has a birthday on the 18th, Lisa and mom blew out the candles together.

After Alex opens his presents Chelsea see a shirt she likes and tries it on. He also got a bike for his birthday. The bike I got him last year he out grew it.

Chelsea decides to give it a test ride. Then she gives him a ride.

Then she tries to scare him by acting like she's going to wreck.

After everything was over Alex and Mike go out back and play some basketball.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mom's Surgery

Mom had her surgery on her shoulder today. She had a hard time getting set up for the surgery. The Nurses couldn't find any veins to put the I.V. into. If you look on her arm you'll see where they tried polking her at least 5 times. When she turns her arm over there are 2 more marks where she was polked. They also tried to get her on the top of her foot. That's a mistake because she is very touchy on her feet. They finally got a vein in the groin area. They told her she needs to drink more water.

Here's the bandages on her shoulder, they ended up repairing all 4 tendons. She seems to be doing ok the only pain she talks about is the before surgery prep. We'll see tomorrow if she has more complaints.
These are the flowers that came from the Church.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fun on Hot Humid Days

This week the weather has changed so much, one day I wore a thin jacket to work and by the end of the week I wore capris and a tank top. Here's Chelsea and Alex having fun in the pool. They start out with a noodle fight.

Chelsea gets out her underwater camera and starts taking pictures. It's hard to keep him under for any length of time, this is one of the better pictures she took. He got tired of going under for pictures he just wanted to noodle fight.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Lisa's Handywork

Here are a couple of Lisa's paintings. She painted these freehand in just one class setting, no patterns were used. Lisa has given mom and dad one of her paintings for Christmas. I got one and don't know why, maybe she likes me. These 2 belong to her. Lisa also did another one, she followed along on a video and did as the guy did. When she finished she put it up at work, and they begged her to let them auction it off for a good cause, so she agreed. I'm proud of her she does very good. I should have kept up with her, but my interest went in another direction.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Well it's official, Becky has graduated from High School. The ceremony was last night.
It was good she graduated last night instead of tonight it is so humid and miserable today. We go from cool to too hot overnight. I know it's a shadow but if you look closely at Dad it looks as though he has hair.