Monday, July 30, 2007

Alex went picture happy

I was taking pictures Sunday while John was throwing balls to Alex
When he was done hitting balls he wanted my camera, then he started taking pictures of everything. He was taking them to fast I was sure more than half wouldn't turn out. Alex took over a hundred pictures and only a few of them was blurry.

Of course he had to get me in the pictures, I grabbed a few of the ok ones, I just don't take good pictures. Alex only got a few of John.

Here he's trying to take a picture of himself. Then he's trying to take a picture of him and the dog. He's not as good as Chelsea is when it comes to taking pictures of himself. I think Chelsea has mastered the art of taking her picture herself.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chelsea's camping trip

Chelsea was invited to go camping with some friends this past weekend. They went to Petoskey MI, which is about 4-5 hr drive. By the looks of these girls it must have been cold. This is Chelsea, Michelle & Chrissy.
Here is Chelsea and her friends she went camping with. Michelle, Chrissy, Rudy, Chelsea & Joe.

I believe this is one of Chelsea's ideas, to get a picture of them trying to kiss a statue.

Chelsea's friend Joe and his friend Rudy did this sand sculpture of a mermaid.

Chelsea took this picture of a sailboat sailing away into the sunset. Just thought I'd share it.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Crazy nite in da hood

I just can't believe how crazy people are. My dog started barking like crazy tonight and when I went out to check there was so much yelling. I went to check out the scene all I seen was young men with bats running around yelling about jumping on the car. I continued watching and listening they were yelling and arguing and someone was getting smacked around. Now the dog wont shutup, it's gonna take her an hour to calm down and Alex is upset. I guess that's what cha gotta spect if ya livin' n da hood.
Today dad had to take mom to the doctor. She has been off balance the last few days, short of breath and hard time swallowing. When I got home from work she didn't look very good and of course she worries herself to death, and then she goes into a panic attack. I'll update when she gets home.

......The Dr. told dad to take mom to the hospital emergency room. They want to run some tests on her and there's a chance she may spend a couple days in the hospital. I wont know until later on this evening what's going to happen.

---The diagnoses is a severe case of streph throat. Mom came home but she's out-of-it I think the medication is making her sleep---

Friday, July 13, 2007

Courtney's Twins

I just thought this was a cute picture. It looks as if they can't wait to get out of the house.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lazy Weekend

Saturday While Alex was trying to swim this butterfly would not leave him alone. It flew around the pool until Alex finally had to get out. Then it still flew around and would not leave him alone. So when it landed I thought I would snap this photo.

Since I had my camera I thought I would take a picture of my dog laying around relaxing. After I snaped this picture she raises up and looks at me; showing her teeth I guess she another one who doesn't like her picture taken.

Today at Church today Alex got his scooter that he won at Vacation Bible School. He couldn't wait to get it home and put it together.

Oh the things Chelsea comes up with. This was her idea.

Friday, July 06, 2007

At the family reunion I got to meet some family members I haven't meet before. This lady's name is Sheila she is my mothers cousin. Sheila's husband is my dad's cousin. Which means she's related to me on both sides. They've adopted these 3 girls from China, the little one is so funny and bossy. The little one Juila will be 3 yrs old soon, and she told my dad that she pees her diaper and she's proud of it.

Here is a picture that Alex took while we were at mamaw's house. He seen about 3 rabbits playing around in the yard and wanted to take some pictures. This one came out the best, I think he was shaking and trying to take the pictures.

We're Home

We left to come home early thursday morning. The trip back was good, it rained on us in Kentucky, and again in upper Ohio. The traffic was good except in Ohio there was an accident on the ramp to another freeway and it was backed up on I75, we were only slowed down for a short while. Alex was very upset we had to come back that he cried. Alex meet a friend next door to my Aunt's house and he had a good time.
I got this picture of my cousin Jordan's baby, he was such a sweet thing, I think he even liked me a little bit.On our way home we stopped at a rest area in Ohio and had lunch. I took some hot dogs from our cook-out on the 4th, and we had that for lunch. Alex hasn't been awake very long so he was a little grumpy and didn't want his picture taken (I did it anyway).