Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Old Man's Day

Today is Dad's 66th birthday and we got together and had pizza and cake & ice cream. Dad got a small digital camera for his birthday, mom gave it to him before his birthday and we showed him how to use it. Here's dad opening his cards and alex close by.

Just a pic of mom & lisa setting around. I went and picked up Chelsea from the dorm so she can join us for the little get together. Here she is with her pizza acting silly for the camera.

Alex got my camera and wanted to take some pictures, so he got this one of me & mom just sitting around. He also took this one of Chelsea & Vanessa sitting on my treadmill, Vanessa has the oddest expression on her face, sorta looks like a confused puppy.

Alex also took this one of Becky, she also wasn't feeling well today. He tried to get one of Michael but he wouldn't cooperate.

We went to Baskin Robbins and got a birthday & anniversary ice cream cake.

Here's dad using his birthday present and taking pictures of his cake.
Here's mom and dad blowing out their anniversary candles.

I always seem to get mom doing silly faces, she'll probably hurt me for posting them.
Chelsea Just being silly
After all the pizza and ice cream cake, I got this picture of Dad & Lisa relaxing. Lisa claims she was only resting her eyes and wasn't sleeping.

Vacation Week

Well this is the 4th day of vacation and we've done nothing. Alex has been sick since monday, I took him to the doctor and it's nothing serious but a virus and she said there's nothing to give for a virus. In this picture he has a headache, and the chills, It's been like this since day 1 of our vacation. Well our house guest finally went home, I don't think she very happy with me. I think she was getting to comfortable in the house. This week the weather has been in the 30's warm enough for her to go home, and so she did but not of her choice.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sunday Lunch

I took my son out to lunch Sunday after church. He had a free coupon for pizza hut, because he has been reading 10 books or more a month for the book it club, after each month if they read they get a coupon.

Here he is trying to hide from me, after a few suprise shots he decides to pose.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day

Since it's Black History month the school had the black history program today, the children did mostly sing and recite a few poems. All the second graders sang Follow the Drinking Gourd. The best class was one 3rd grade class that sang a couple old black gospel songs, those kids did an excellent job.

Since we had a snow day on Wednesday (valentine's day) his teacher did the party today, thursday she had 2 preps and not enough time to party. So here he is passing out his valentines cards. I wasn't able to attend but only for a few minutes. Because it is the last day before we have a week off, teachers were leaving early going out of town. The subs were taken, and there were only 2 aides working today the other 3 were off. They had me double booked, I had to ask them to cancel the last science class so I could go to the other class I was already promised too.

I did figure out a way to make my way to his party, I took the kids on a water break to the basement. They stood there for awhile, so when the teacher put on some music (happy feet) I told them they could dance. The boy in the front has some pretty good moves, so I had to snap his picture.
I can't believe Alex got up and started dancing and he was the only one until this girl came and danced with him.

I always seem to get pictures of his teacher giving me looks. I'm not sure what they were studing at the time but all the kids made chef hats. I had Alex try it on for a picture.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day

Which means a day off school/work.
Well we have at least 6 inches or more of snow plus very cold temp, wind chill makes it at least -10. Every thing is a mess here, freeways aren't cleaned off, salt isn't working because temps are to cold. Dad is out shoveling snow, was going to use snow blower but no gas. I offered to shovel but he insisted he'd do it (didn't have to insist to much).

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Wee Little One

Here is Nathanial, everyone is so happy that he was finally able to come home from the hospital. He's weighing in at 5lb 10oz and the family is all doing good. Looks like daddy is very proud, what I understand is that Nathanial has some big beautiful brown eyes.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Count Down

There's nothing much going on here, nothing exciting like getting a new house or even looking for one. Maybe something interesting will be going on after the weather warms up.
Well I'm counting down, there's 5 working days til we have winter break; then I'll have a week off. It should be a quiet week, it's only been about 10weeks since my husband decided to get mad at me and not talk. At least Alex will be here he talks enough for everyone.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back to Work

Well It was back to work yesterday, It's still cold but only in the single digits not the minus digits. We didn't have many kids at school yesterday, each class was running around 1/2 or just over. Alex didn't go he hasn't been feeling well. I'm ready to get him out of bed and see if he's feeling ok today.
The afternoon teacher I work with on wednesdays had the window open. I grabbed my work and told her I was doing it in the hallway it was to cold for me in the room. She came and got me after she closed the window, because she needed me to speak to the kids in and explain the words.
The teacher may be at that age when a woman changes, so I'm not going to get to upset, I will be there one day. (not really looking forward to it).

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Cold Day

Well another cold day; only it's a little bit warmer today. Instead of -3 we're at 0 degrees, with a wind chill of -15.
I just can't believe Detroit public schools are closed again today, it's not like them, they usually don't care about the children.
So I have another day off, Yippee!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Bitterly Cold

Well the past couple mornings it has been below zero. Yesterday someone didn't turn the water on to a stream and our pipes froze. It took him most of the day to unfreeze them.

Believe it or not Detroit schools are closed today because of the temps. Most of these children little children walk to school, and there's an advisory out; if you don't have to go out then don't, It's -3 and feels like -20. This means I have a day off work hopefully it's paid.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


It's very cold out today and it's going to be that way for the rest of the week. That means we have a house guest for at least a few days. Her favorite spot is close to the wood burner, which is where she is in this picture. Her and I are the only ones home right now. John left, and Alex is next door bugging mom and dad. Last I heard he was having mom playing puzzles with him. I can only imagine what my mother is saying, (probably wishing I'd come and take him home).
I've got lots of things to do but just can't make myself do them. Sounds like the wind is up an looks like it's snowing pretty good.

It hasn't been snowing long, but it looks like whiteout conditions outside.