Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alex's Birthday Gift

This is what John got Alex for his birthday.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Lisa and I have been going to the park walking and riding our bikes. Lisa couldn't go saturday so I went by myself. Big mistake! the park was full of fish flies. They swarmed me like fresh meat. I tried to shoo them away but they kill easy, I got bug juice all over my shirt. I thought that if I rode my bike it would be ok. I even wore my helmet which I bought special because it has a net where the holes are so bugs don't get in. It worked no bugs in my hair but they kept landing on my sunglasses. As long as I was by the water they were bad, through the woods on the other side of park was no bugs. I only made it once around the park, I couldn't take the bugs anymore.

I took these pictures at the park, because the water looked so pretty. This first one was taken through the window of my truck. The other one while on the path fighting off the bugs.