Saturday, January 27, 2007

Round 3

Here we go again, and each time it has gotten worse.
My dog started barking non-stop this morning about 5am, I had no choice but to see what was going on. The last couple times she barked like that someone had broken into the back of my truck, but because of her nothing was taken, we got there on time. When I opened my back door all I seen was light coming from the vacant house. I took a look and ran inside called 911 then got John & Alex up, I woke up mom & dad so I could send Alex over there. My first instinct was to grab my camera ( wonder why) . This is the first picture I took when finding out there was a fire I was in the back yard.

I came out front to wait on the fire department to get here, and I kept an eye on how fast the fire was coming over to my house. As you can see it's getting my house.

The firefighters are here and taking their hoses to spray my house and the fire.

This is the firefighters spraying water from inside the burning house onto ours.

Here is the damage to the vacant house, and here is my Char-b-qued house. It's not to bad (but it shouldn't have been) Our bathroom window did get broke and my mini blinds a little melted and water in the bathroom. I thank God we're all safe and that it wasn't worse than what it was. I'm also grateful for the dog, she has saved us at least 4 times; 2 from fires and 2 from someone breaking into my truck. (Keep watching for Round 4 I'm sure it'll happen soon.)

Friday, January 26, 2007

New Glasses

We went and picked up his new glasses today after school. He didn't want his picture taken, that is until I took the first one then he wanted to pose.

I Didn't think we were going to make it out today. Due to the fact that it was snowing again when we left for school this morning and by lunch time it was all snow covered. This it what it looked like when I walked home for lunch. I guess we got a couple inches, but not enough to have a snow day. :(

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's Snowing Again

Not to much to report, except it's snowing. It started before school was out, and of course I'd made plans to go out grocery shopping for Chelsea. I went anyway even though it was snowing, after that I picked Alex and me up a pizza. Then I headed down to the college, It had quit snowing where I was at (only about 7 miles from Detroit). Once I got into Detroit it was still snowing and it was about 2 hrs after we left school. Well the second freeway I had to take was backed up and slow moving; It took about 10 mins to go a mile. It looks like nothing has been done to the roads; even the freeways were snow covered and you couldn't find the lane lines. Once I got home there was the task of shoveling snow, I did the front and back walks for myself and mom & dad.

I say if it's going to snow we need to get at least 6 inches, so we can have a day off school. :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Twins

I just love these faces, I think Cooper looks like his mother and Carsyn Looks like her Father. If you look close enough I do believe he has a couple teeth. These babies are growing up to fast, they're going to be a year old in a few months. I'm happy that my cousin Courtney sends me these pictures, this way I can keep up with how much they're growing up and changing.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


We woke up this morning with snow on the ground. The past few days we've had nothing but rain, and with the colder temps. some areas got freezing rain. We were lucky the freezing rain didn't get us, just a little north of us got. Where the ground hasn't frozen and all this rain, when the ice came, alot of the trees couldn't handle it and became uprooted, there were alot of power lines down also. Usually around this time of the year we've had snow and very cold weather and usually wishing for it to go away and get warm. I guess we can't complain (right now)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Refrigerator

Our new refrigerator and upright freezer was delivered today. This is the picture of the refrigerator, it's the new french style doors with the freezer on the bottom. I love the fact that everything in the frigerator part is at eye level. Mom and dad gave us the reverse one, but it would make an awful noise. I did like my side by side, we were still using it but it was 20yrs old and the inside was falling apart.

FYI: I know it's not mine because I didn't buy it, but I'm just thankful I get to use it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just Because

I'm so happy that my friends and family are getting new houses but it upsets me because I'm still stuck in this LITTLE starter house. If we wait too much longer no one is going to give a loan to a first time home buyer who's at social security age. So here's just a little tour of my falling apart house.
This pictures shows a board that has to be there because coming out of my kitchen into dining room the floor is about to fall through.
This is in my kitchen on one side of the room as you can see it's peeling and falling apart.

This is the other side of the kitchen and it's worse, this is where it leaks when it rains a good steady rain.

This is the laundry room another part where the ceiling is falling apart, and it leaks as well.

Here is another part of the floor that is week and we had to put a board on the floor, so it won't fall through.
We also need a roof, 20yrs and nothing has been done to it, so you can imagine how bad of a shape it's in, Then the windows in the house were probably the first and only windows ever put in the house. My dad has done a few things but I don't feel that he should keep up the maintance since he's letting us live here.

This picture is of my truck? Well you see I have been told since we've had this that it's not mine and I lucky I get to drive it. So I guess I'm very greatful that I do get to drive it. I am aware that I have nothing in life except my children and a few material things that I have aquired myself. I do get reminded of this often, so I'm not to forget it.

I love Chelsea very much, and I guess in her own way she loves me too, but she acts like she hates and I can never do anything right. She's just like her father.

Sometimes I feel that the only person on this earth that loves me is my son Alex, he tells me all the time and always gives me hugs and kisses. I hope he doesn't grow up and act like he hates me like the others do.
Good luck to every one who is getting a new house, I am very happy for you just wish it was me also.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Chevy

Well I took my truck in yesterday because the driver window was off track (I thought) and falling down. Of course it could never be nothing just simple, I got it back yesterday, that's the only good thing about it was same day service.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back to College

Today Chelsea went back to her dorm. She starts her new classes tomorrow, what I could get out of her she did really good on her first set of classes.

For her going away dinner I had a gift card to Applebees so the family went there tonight. She had to pack all of her stuff into John's little car, my truck needs to go to the shop tomorrow, I hope they don't keep it to long and drain my wallet too much.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jordan's Baby

Here's Jordan's baby Maddox, I think he's about 5 months.