Friday, March 28, 2008

Here we go again!

Someone forgot to tell Michigan that spring has arrived. Another couple inches of snow fell last night. I started my Easter break with bad weather and it's ending with bad weather. What a break!This little guy flew north too soon, he wasn't strong enough to handle this weather. He was laying on the top step last night when I came home, this morning he was still there.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Class Project

I have a class project to do which involves using the bulb function and taking night shots. I'm not sure if they came out right because I don't think they're supposed to blur. I used a tripod but I didn't have a cable remote so I had to hold onto the camera and maybe that caused the blur. This picture is of the Ambassador Bridge (Bridge to Canada). This is it without the flash.
The teacher gave instructions on how to set the camera. In this shot I had to hold down the shutter for 30 seconds, then release the shutter to take the picture.
This picture is where I have to hold down the shutter for 1 minute then release it.

This picture I had to hold down the shutter for 2 minutes, it lets in a lot more light. It's cold out and I didn't have the cable so I got blur.
In this picture I had to change the setting and redo the picture, this time I started at 1 minute.
This picture is held open for 2 minutes. I was supposed to do another one holding the shutter open for 4 minutes. It was cold and I wasn't about to continue for another 4 minutes.
Maybe I'll try this again after it warms up, I guess something to practice on until I can accomplish it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vanessa & Chelsea

I went to the studio again and tried by myself to do different shots. I had different poses to try but when I got there I forgot what to do. I guess I need to take my paper with poses on it so I can know what to do. Above I used a dk pink gel, the light stand was broke so I couldn't aim high to get the pink up more.

Vanessa in a basic portrait pose. There's a couple with Chelsea and Vanessa together. They wanted to do silly things, I wanted to get something for a class project. I tried working with the mirror again, first it's not wide enough, and second there is no stand for it. Therefore I had to be careful so that it wouldn't come out like a funhouse mirror.

I tried to get an inocent picture so I thought using this flower would be cute.

I posed her the other way with out the filler light so I could get a different effect.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mom & Dad

I went to the studio again this time I used mom and dad as models. I'm not sure if I like using the white background. I didn't get shadows this time.

I got alot of mom and dad by themselves. I think these two came out pretty good. Mom kept acting silly after you took her picture so I didn't get many good facial pictures. Dad wouldn't smile for me, he looked all uptight and stiff necked. One of my fellow students helped me that day. When Clarence got up to take dad's picture dad just laughed and smiled, then I came up and he went back to his old self. I did manage to get a couple good ones.

This is Clarence he helped me out that day. He was a photographer about 15yrs ago using film, he's in the class now learning to use digital. He was showing me how to use the props we have at the studio. The instructor just got this mirror in and I wanted to learn to use it. We didn't have a stand to put it on so we improvised. We have a few other props that we used on mom and dad and Clarence showed me a few lighting techniques. I'm heading back to the studio on monday with Chelsea and Vanessa, I need the practice, I need to learn to feel comfortable posing and working with the lights.

Friday, March 21, 2008

What happened to SPRING ?

What a way to start out my vacation. With a snow storm. I took Chelsea, Vanessa, and Alex out shopping today. We left about 1:00 and it was clear, but by the time we finished around 5:00 everything was a mess. I took this picture about 6:00p.m. while me and Alex was waiting for Chelsea to finish tanning. According to the weather report the snow storm warning goes on til 8:00 a.m. I've read that we're getting anywhere from 2-8 inches. I also read that it's suppossed to snow most of the week. So much for wishing for nice weather while I'm off.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Break

I can't wait til work is over today. We are off until March 31st for Easter break. These last 2 weeks have been hectic. I've done a lot of teaching these last weeks, I've taught 3rd grade, kindergarten, and gym. I did 3 classes of gym and it about killed me. I did the stretching and warm ups with the kids, I was in so much pain that night and I still hurt yesterday. I've got enough time accumulated where I can take 2 1/2 weeks off (if it ever gets warm I'll use it).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Studio Pix's

I went back to the studio yesterday, I wanted to try taking pictures by myself. The instructor got a new white background and took down the black and gray backgrounds. I couldn't get it just right, then I couldn't figure out how to twist the light to aim down. I went ahead and played around anyway.

I took a couple of pictures of Alex in this pose, and when I looked at them on the computer I noticed he had his lips puckered.

I thought this one of the both of them was cute. I'm going back to the studio a few more times and maybe I'll get the hang of it on my own. I have to find some models to take with me.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Winter Won't Leave!

Yesterday it started snowing just before 6 p.m. and it snowed and it snowed until 7 a.m. We ended up with 6 inches, and a day off school. I went out shopping today at the new Walmarts store, it was their grand opening. The only bad thing was the parking, the plows had piled mountians of snow all over and you really couldn't tell where the parking spots were.
The trucks were still out plowing the roads when I was out. Then I
got into a traffic jam for a good 40 minutes, it was backed up for at least 2-3 miles it was all due to truck traffic going to Canada what a headache. Alex did get out to enjoy the snow, the second picture he's showing me his wet behind. According to the news we have more snow coming, I really am ready for something other than snow or ice.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

She's Home Again

Chelsea made it home last night, her plane came in on schedule. Dad took me to the airport I went in an waited while he went and parked somewhere. Although her plane was on time, it only took the airlines about 15 minutes to get the luggage started. When she left last monday we got hit by some bad weather. When we left for the airport it was raining, when we finally got out of the airport there was a layer of snow on the ground, and now we're getting more snow tonight. We're expecting at least 4-6 inches. I'd say she planned her trip on the right days. It was funny to see everyone getting off the plane with red skin and of all things, shorts on. Didn't they realize they were coming to Michigan.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Troubled Roads

After our winter blast on Friday all day, when I went to bed Friday night it had started to snow again and of course the temps began to fall. On Saturday morning the roads were nothing but ice there were so many freeways closed down because of multi car accidents. About 5 o'clock that morning a semi-truck lost control on the freeway and ran into the side of the activity center located in the parking lot of our church. I found out this morning at church one of the members was on his way home from work when the semi was passing him and lost control and sent him off the freeway as well, lucky no one was injured.